About Liz & Jane

I’m a dog-loving super-geek — with a passion for romance novels and marathons (of the TV variety). I have four kids, one of which is not a dog.

The story of why

I believe that capturing life stories and moments is so important, not only for you, but for those to whom you mean the most.

Stuff I love: Thomas

Thomas is my best friend, my husband and just plain ol’ awesome. He is the reason for everything that is good in my life. And he’s cringing at how sappy this is.

Stuff I love: Edith

Thomas and I have a beautiful daughter named Edith, who was born on November 23rd, 2015 — which also happens to be Doctor Who Day! Edith is a joyful little ball of adorableness.

Memories of life

Growing up, my father always had a camera in his hand. He captured everything — there are thousands of images from our lives.

I feel so lucky that I have these moments to look back on: pictures of my parents’ love, images of their happiness, and photos of their joy seeing their kids grow up.

Stuff I love: Dogs

It’s no secret that I love dogs. I’m crazy about them — seriously. My own dogs — Corduroy, Wellington and Paddington — are waggy-tailed, fluffy-balls of cuteness.

Stuff I love: Jane

People always ask me who the “Jane” is in elizabeth&jane. Jane is my super awesome sister/minion who works hard behind the scenes! #holdallthethings

Stuff I love: Board games

Totally my husband’s fault. I totally suck at video games but with board games sometimes I can actually win! I’ll never turn down a game of Agricola, Akrotiri, Five Tribes, Marco Polo, Orleans, Valley of the Kings — or especially Labyrinth.

Stuff I love: Movies & TV

Nothing makes me happier than curling up on the couch with a good show or movie. I’m a homebody and just love watching other people do stuff while I chill.

Stuff I love: Books

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved getting lost in the stories inside books. I’m the first to admit I get totally emotionally wrapped up in them — cheesy romance novels are my favourite.

Let me photograph your memories

I am proud to be the one to capture your cherished memories — your happiness, your love, your joy and all emotions in between.

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