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Shandi’s Sneak Peek

There’s something truly special about an old dog. Their eyes are filled with a lifetime of memories, and their fur may be a little greyer and their joints a little stiffer, but they radiate a warmth and love that can only be acquired with age.

These old souls are content to simply be near their human companions, soaking up the warmth and comfort of their presence. They don’t need long walks or adventurous hikes to be happy – they’re just happy to be loved. And even as their time with us grows shorter, they continue to teach us lessons about life and love that we’ll carry with us always. An old dog is a true treasure, a constant reminder of the joy and beauty that comes from sharing our lives with a furry friend.

Watching Shandi shuffle around the house, you can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for the years she has shared together with her amazing family. At the wonderful age of 17, she moves more slowly than she used to, but she still does her laps around the main floor and is always happy to eat!

An old dog is a constant reminder of the unconditional love and loyalty that they give us, and the many happy memories they’ve shared with us along the way.