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Pin Pin’s Sneak Peek

There are some dogs, and people, who don’t enjoy winter. They don’t like the cold or the snow and long for spring. Pin Pin is not one of those dogs. Pin Pin revels in the snowy season so much that she happily spends hours outdoors, snacking on snow and basking in the frosty breeze.

When Heidi, Pin Pin’s human, reached out to me for a photo shoot, she had one request above all: we needed an abundance of snow! And wow, did we hit the jackpot!! Thanks to not one, but two snowstorms in the days prior to our session, the park was blanketed in snow up to our waists—and Pin Pin was in heaven.

We began at home, then headed to David Bartlett Park in Manotick.

Lots of fun was had.
Lots of snow was eaten (by Pin Pin, not the humans lol).
Lots of memories captured.

All in all, it was an awesome day and an unforgettable experience for all involved.