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Ricco’s Sneak Peek

The day we shot Ricco’s session almost didn’t happen, and I am so very grateful that it did.

Ricco had to be rushed to the emergency vet on the morning of our session, so we put it on hold. I got a call a few hours later letting me know that the prognosis wasn’t good, and could we shoot the session after all.

And we did. And it was joyful and fun and lovely.

The rain held off. The meds that Ricco was given at the vet allowed him to feel good, and he had a good day. He even had a few runs and appeared to be floating on air, alongside his best human, and his humans’ (and his) best friend.

While Ricco is still here, tomorrow he will be crossing the rainbow bridge.

Please take a few moments to send all the loving energy you can to Ricco and his humans.
He is an amazing and wonderful dog who has brought so much happiness and joy to his world.