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Rebecca and Trevor’s Wedding Sneak Peek

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is tricky. Planning a wedding in another city during a pandemic is even trickier!

Rebecca and Trevor live in Toronto, where Rebecca works as a very talented actor. She was in the main ensemble cast for Frankie Drake Mysteries which ran until this year (side note: Thomas and I were SO upset when it was not renewed for a 5th season – CBC PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING FRANKIE DRAKE BAAAAAACKKKKKK!!!). If you haven’t seen the show, you NEED to binge it on CBC Gem like right now. Or maybe look at the sneak peek first THEN go watch Franke Drake Mysteries.

But I digress…

When Rebecca and Trevor contacted me last year to photograph their wedding, we had no idea that the pandemic would STILL be a thing. We figured it would be over and done, as I’m sure every one of us thought last summer.

Despite the pandemic still affecting the world and aside from the 40+ degree weather, it was the most amazing and wonderful day. There were less people than they had originally planned to have in attendance, but the sun shone, the birds sang, the racoon ran, and Rebecca and Trevor said their vows surrounded by so much love, it was written on the face of every person there.

I am so honoured to have been there to document their day. Their love for each other and their families was such a joy to witness, and while selecting these images below for their sneak peek, my cheeks started getting sore from smiling at them so much.

I hope that these images bring you a little bit of the joy we all felt on Saturday.