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Welcome Home Puppers

It’s not easy finding a dog to adopt in a pandemic, let me tell you. It’s a fantastic thing that there are barely any dogs in the rescues right now, but it’s also meant that finding new canine members for your family is difficult.

The pandemic has driven two things up in price astronomically: houses and puppies. No word of a lie, I burst into tears when I found out how much the small dogs we love are as puppies right now. It’s ridiculous, to be honest.

But fate has a way of finding the dogs that are right for us. And wow did we ever luck out.

A friend recently lost her retired breeding Shih Tzu and had been on the lookout for another to adopt. Long story short, between her and our family, we adopted four sweet adorable retired female Shih Tzu breeding dogs.

After many adventures, including a flat tire on the side of a 4-lane highway, we brought home 5 year old Satine (the black dog) and 4 year old Ahsoka (the white dog). The names are from Star Wars Clone Wars and are strong female characters in the show.

Ahsoka and Satine have been settling in well and we couldn’t be more thankful that they found their way into our lives. Paddington and Wellie are getting along well with them and it feels like a wonderful fit for all the dogs. Ahsoka loves sitting with Paddy, and it’s the cutest thing to see them together.

Now the next goal is to get ALL FOUR dogs in one photo together. THAT will be an endeavour, but you know I am going to try!