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What I am doing throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

I hope that everyone is doing ok through these crazy times.

I wanted to touch base as to what I’m doing during this pandemic. My clients’ health is of the utmost importance, and I want to make sure we are all being safe so we can get through this together.

Sessions have been halted for three weeks
I have blocked off the next 3 weeks so that new sessions cannot be booked. Any sessions that are scheduled within the next three weeks will be assessed a few days before the session as well as the day of the session. If everyone is feeling well and there are no fevers for the last 48hrs, we may be able to proceed, however it may end up being that we will have to postpone to a later date.

Spring Blossom Mini Sessions still on
I am hoping that we will be in a better place by the end of May and we can go ahead with the sessions. The same rules will apply so that everyone is fever free for at least 48 hours before the session. These sessions are outdoors, so we will be able to practise social distancing during them. No hugs goodbye unfortunately!

Weddings in 2020
I have urged all my clients who are getting married this year to purchase wedding insurance – even if the weddings are in the fall. Who knows how long this will end up lasting and it’s better to be safe, than out a lot of money if your venue closes. If you know anyone getting married in 2020, please let them know that this is an option they should seriously consider.

Consults and order appointments will move online
As with the rest of Ontario, I am moving all in person meetings to be online.

Turnaround time will be a bit longer
A lot of us have our kiddos home with us and it’s the same here. I’ll still be continuing to edit sessions that have been shot, but the turnaround time will be longer, as you’d expect with a 4yo needing constant feedback lol.

The most sincere thank you
I would like to thank everyone for your support and for understanding the decisions that I have had to make. Tough times are ahead and I admit I am apprehensive about what the future holds. I am doing my very best taking all of the recommendations from the federal government and local health authorities.

Stay safe friends, and feel free to reach out if you need anything at all. 

And now something to bring a smile to your face