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Golden Time ~ Shania, Casey and Willow’s Sneak Peek

Yesterday afternoon I was finally able to photograph Shania, Casey and Willow. I say “finally” because we had to reschedule twice due to weather – once because of rain (in January!!) and the second time because of a blizzard. So yesterday morning when I awoke to small snowflakes falling gently from the sky, I was ecstatic.

When I arrived at their home, the dogs were quite excited and we had a great time playing outside and I even had a slide down an icy hill – not by choice but I have to admit it was a bit fun! haha.

These goldens are so sweet and were a pleasure to photograph.

Shania Casey Willow sneakpeek 01

Shania is the oldest, at 17 years old. She is definitely not going to let you forget about her though as she likes to “talk” to you to remind you she’s still there and would like another treat please.
Shania Casey Willow sneakpeek 02

Casey is the second oldest, at 4, and decided to go wandering off on her own a bit – but don’t worry, we had her in our sights the whole time and she came right back to play ball with us.
Shania Casey Willow sneakpeek 03

Willow is the youngest, at 1.5 years and is definitely the most energetic! She chased after balls and couldn’t figure out how to pick up BOTH balls at once so she kept going back and forth between the two – it was hilarious!
Shania Casey Willow sneakpeek 05

Play ball!
Shania Casey Willow sneakpeek 04

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