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The Best Way to Spend Canada Day ~ Cookie, Barley, Mickey and Jersey’s Sneak Peek

It is now officially a tradition that I photograph some adorable dogs on Canada day! Last year I had an awesome session with Gus the Vizsla, and yesterday I had a blast with Cookie, Barley, Mickey and Jersey..oh and their humans too!

When I first spoke with Holly about photographing her three dogs, she told me that two of them were darlings, and the other was a bit of a devil – in fact his nickname is Bad-A$@ Barley. lol. Needless to say I was prepared for a really tough time with these guys and was ready for the challenge.

Boy was I wrong! Barley was such a poser and was at my side the entire session showing me how pretty he can sit, and how well behaved he is! These four were such a dream to photograph and were on their best behaviour as each tried to out-model the other!

This sign hangs in their yard and fully describes what the family is all about. They have such an incredible bond with their dogs – it’s wonderful.
Cookie Barley Mickey Jersey 7

Cookie is a lab-golden mix and is the big sister of the bunch. I just love her spotty tongue!!
Cookie Barley Mickey Jersey 3

The aforementioned Barley, who was very into the session. This was the FIRST frame I shot. First!! 1 photo into it and he was already a rock star.
Cookie Barley Mickey Jersey 1

Sweet Mickey. Barley and Mickey are litter-mates, even though they are completely different colours. This guy is such a loving dog. We had lots of hugs.
Cookie Barley Mickey Jersey 2

And last, but definitely not least, is Jersey, the grand dog. Jersey is a beagle who was very unsure of me at first, but not to worry – we were besties by the end of the day.
Cookie Barley Mickey Jersey 4

One of the dogs’ favourite things to do is go swimming. This session was originally scheduled for the fall, but Holly asked to move it up because she wanted to capture the dogs doing what they love best!
Cookie Barley Mickey Jersey 6

We thought it couldn’t be done…all three in the same picture! A bit wet, but still wonderful.
Cookie Barley Mickey Jersey 8

Have a wonderful day,

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