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You are the waves and I am the ocean ~ Mike and Lisa’s Engagement Sneak Peek

I am so excited to share yesterday’s engagement session with you and it’s because it is a really special one for me. This one is family.

Michael is one of Thomas’ (my awesome hubby) brothers and when the whole family met Lisa for the first time, we knew she was special. They complement each other so well and Lisa just fit into the family like she had always been there.

Now I have to share their engagement story for the title of this post to make sense. Lisa adores the beach – if she could spend every waking moment there she probably would. In the cold and dreary winter this year, Mike and Lisa decided to take a vacation to somewhere warm – with beaches of course. They decided on Costa Rica and after much researching, Mike got a great deal on an amazing resort where “celebrities” stay (according to them! haha). Little did Lisa know, but Mike was also planning to propose on their trip.

As they packed their bags, Mike got really worried that Lisa would find the ring. On Thomas’ advice, he balled up the ring box in a pair of socks and proceeded to stress about it the entire trip there. Lisa was so excited to get to the beach that she didn’t even notice Mike clutching his bag very closely in their travels.

As soon as they arrived in the hotel, Mike suggested they go for a walk (if you ask Lisa, she will tell you it was more like he insisted on going for a walk). She got changed out of “plane clothes” and they went down to the beach. In a private little clearing, Mike got on one knee and Lisa screamed so loudly that people at the other end of the beach heard her and later wished them all the best.

I am pretty sure everyone, except Lisa, knew that Mike was going to propose on their vacation and we all were anxiously awaiting their return to celebrate. I, in my awesome nerdyness, decorated their house full of kitchy valentine’s day and love-themed decorations which they found upon their arrival back home at about 2am!

Lisa and Mike decided they wanted to have their engagement session encompass some of their favourite things. For Mike, that is cars, in particular, Porsches. So our first stop was the Porsche dealership in Ottawa. Lisa wanted to include the location of their first date, a walk along the paths around Dow’s Lake as well as her family dog, Benji.

One bonus was that this weekend was the beginning of the tulip festival so there were some beautiful flowers out for us to photograph among.

And now, without further adieu, two very special people whom I am so honoured to have photographed yesterday.

Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 01

Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 03

Lisa’s favourite colour is purple so we obviously had to find some purple tulips.
Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 07

Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 05

Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 06

Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 08

Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 10

Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 13

Of course, Lisa brought one of the seashells from their trip back with them and I asked her to bring it along with her to photograph her stunning ring with.
Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 12

This cutie is Benji, Lisa’s 16 year old family Lhasa-Poodle mix. You could never tell this dude is 16! He was running and bouncing all over the place!
Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 11

I had to include this one. This is them making fun of me – I kept asking them to bend forward at the waist, so they did…a bit too exaggeratedly. (Oh and also some woman’s arm who rode in front of me while taking this shot.)
Ottawa engagement lisa mike sneakpeek 04

Have a wonderful day,

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