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Puppy Love ~ Barb and Chris’ Engagement Sneak Peek

Before I even met Barbara I knew that I’d love her. Barbara’s mother was helping with the search for a photographer for Barb and Chris’ September 2011 wedding and the inquiry started out something along the lines of “My daughter also love dogs and shoes!” and I knew I had to meet her!

Sure enough, Barb is wonderful and so his her awesome fiancé, Chris, as well as their super adorable fur-kids, Ava and Lily.

When we were talking about their engagement session I asked them if there was somewhere special they wanted to have the session and Barb knew right away a place that would be perfect. We had the session in the woods around her parents’ house in the small town of Carp, Ontario – where she grew up, and where they still walk their dogs today while visiting.

As we walked into the woods yesterday, Barb mentioned that she had a few places in mind for us to shoot in and sure enough, they had also thought enough ahead to bring a ladder into the forest to climb one of the trees!

Their dogs were so excited to run and play through the woods, even though Ava, their 3 year old white boxer, had just had surgery to remove a porcupine quill and wasn’t supposed to be playing around with Lily, their 10 month old Cane Corso Mastiff. Of course this meant we had to separate them every 5 minutes but they had a blast, including racing through the muck and mud…repeatedly.

Thank you Barb and Chris for climbing trees, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and for loving the idea of having the session for your dogs just as much as for you.

Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 3

Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 4

Ava, who is such a sweetheart and jumps like a deer.
Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 7

Lily, the gentle giant who follows her big dog-sister around everywhere.
Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 1

This may be one of my favourite images ever. This wasn’t set up at all, I was photographing Barb and Chris and saw this little face peering out at me through their legs. So cute!!
Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 5

By the lake.
Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 6

Can you spot Ava?
Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 8

Barb’s ring is a family heirloom. It was Chris’ grandmother’s ring and both of them feel so special to have such a beautiful history in their engagement ring.
Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 9

And this is what dogs look like after a session with me. Sleepy sleepy. Ava could barely keep here eyes open!
Barb Chris Engagement SneakPeek 10

Have a wonderful day,

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