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Wedding talk at Colourbomb!

Last night I attended the Colourbomb spring trunk show put on by Splendid Events and hosted by Hush Clothing Boutique. There were so many amazing and talented women in the house that I, with some encouragement and aid from the amazing Amna Hakim, chatted with them about their work and about weddings…on camera!

Amy from Splendid Events

First up was the woman behind the event, Amy from Splendid Events. Amy and I chatted about what she predicts the trends will be for this year for jewellery and colours.

Colourbomb with Amy from Splendid Events from elizabeth&jane photography on Vimeo.

Amy predicts that big, chunky jewellery will be in as well as the colour pink!

Sandy from Blush Beads

I got the chance to speak to Sandy from Blush Beads, who had her amazing jewellery featured at the Colourbomb event last night. She and I chatted about how she creates custom pieces for brides and how each piece is made by hand and is totally unique.

Colourbomb with Sandy from Blush Beads from elizabeth&jane photography on Vimeo.

Sandy creates all of her wedding jewellery by hand and with much input from the bride. She finds out about everything to do with that wedding, and creates a custom and one of a kind piece just for that bride.

Jenny from Geek Sweets

There were lots of delicious sweets and treats there last night (I may have indulged a bit myself!) and one of the sweetmakers is Jenny from Geek Sweets. She makes the most adorable, and delicious, mini cupcakes. She and I talked about how cupcakes are becoming a new trend and why they are quite different from a traditional wedding cake.

Colourbomb with Jenny from Geek Sweets from elizabeth&jane photography on Vimeo.

Jenny has cupcake flavours you could only dream about. She notes that having cupcakes in different flavours allows for all of your guests to find something they like.

Melody, local beauty expert, from Melody and Jezebel

Melody, a local beauty expert in Ottawa, is the amazing talent behind Melody and Jezebel. She does makeup for many events and photo shoots as well as TV and Special Events. She and I talked about why it is so important to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day.

Colourbomb with Melody, Beauty Expert from elizabeth&jane photography on Vimeo.

Melody urges brides not to forget about how important it is to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding. A professional makeup artist will change the face of your portraits. Brides deserve to look and feel their best on their wedding day!

Alison, from Hush Clothing Boutique

Alison owns the very stylish Hush Clothes Boutique in Westboro on Wellingon Street. The store is all about fashion and carries gently worn, high end, designer, shoes, handbags, and accessories for women. She and I talked about how guests can figure out what to wear to weddings.

Colourbomb with Alison from Hush Clothes Bouqitue from elizabeth&jane photography on Vimeo.

Alison suggests that wedding guests take their clothing queues from the wedding invitation. If the invitation is casual, then you can wear a shorter dress with some cute shoes but if the invitation is quite formal, you should stick to something like a floor length gown.

If you are attending a wedding this year and aren’t sure what to wear, stop by Hush Clothes Boutique and they will help you find the perfect outfit.

Liz (me!) from elizabeth&jane photography, signing off

I hope that you enjoyed my short interviews with the amazing women who were at Colourbomb last night.
I also want to give another HUGE thank you to Amna Hakim who was my publicist, cinemetographer, director and camera operator last night. You rocked it out and I thank you so much!! I could not have done these without you!!!

Colourbomb wrap up from elizabeth&jane photography on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes: what this was recorded with

The evening was recorded on my brand new and super awesome Flip Mino HD. I was able to customize it through the online store and because I love dogs so much, I was able to incorporate my own two little fluffballs, Paddington and Corduroy.

The Flip Mino records in HD and is very small and lightweight. It’s perfect for carrying around in a purse and is very easy to use. Press the big red button to record the press it to stop. Simple!