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Resolutions: late or early?

So if I make a resolution now, do you think it’s a very late 2010 resolution, or an early 2011 one?
Discuss amongst yourselves…

And while you’re discussing, I’ll explain what this is about. I’ve written before about how I love blogging, and I really do. I also hate writing, which seems counterintuitive, but it actually isn’t. To me, writing is hard, but blogging isn’t. Blogging is writing what I’m thinking – which means it doesn’t always make sense, but words come out and are recorded. Writing has to make sense…which is so not me. I’m quite random.

Circling back around to the resolution part of this confabulation (I totally just thesaurus.com’ed that word), I want to write more on this blog. So I thought I’d declare it to the interwebs and get it out there, so I essentially have to now.

I have been perusing through my first ever blog and I realized that I started it over 10 years ago. Man that’s sad. I didn’t realize it had been that long. It’s actually quite fun to read and I’m a bit sorry that I slacked off between years 2007-2010 and stopped blogging because I promise you, exciting and fun things happened in those times too.

So now, I will blog again. I noticed that I used to do something called “Stats” where I listed what I was watching, reading etc. I’m bringing the Stats back and updating it. It now will be called…

What’s Happening?
listening to: Shawn Desman – Night Like This
reading: Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally
watching: The Office Season 2
loving: All the shows that are premiering this week! TV makes me happy.
not loving: The fact that we are out of milk and aren’t going grocery shopping until tomorrow. Boo.
twitter status: Thursday: you suck because you are not Friday

Have a wonderful day,

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