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Crazy Dog Lady…and Tate

I’m a big suck, I really am. I am in Toronto for four days and I miss Thomas and the puppies like CRAZY! I’ve been looking at all the dogs going on walks and wanting to just run over and scoop them up for a big hug. I usually decide against this as the people who actually own the dogs might think I’m a bit crazy, but I definitely think about it.

The other morning I actually awoke to some pitter pattering above and thought “oh, the dogs are here”, then I realized they couldn’t be here and woke myself up to figure out what was going on. Turns out it was just a critter in the air ducts, but for a split second I thought it was my dogs (I’m a bit crazy). I can’t wait to get home and give them lots of hugs and kisses.

I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful and distinguished standard poodle today named Tate, and I must say I loved the canine company. Tate is a very loved member of the family and I had a wonderful time capturing his spirit.

One for the road, and lots more later.

Dog Photo: portrait of a standard poodle

Have a wonderful day,

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