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My little 4-legged models

I was asked a few months ago to shoot a special project (more on that in September) and I had to include dogs. Of course I thought that the perfect models would be my little ones.

Photographing dogs is one of my favourite things in this world, but photographing MY OWN dogs is a task I tell you. They both have perfected the art of not looking at me while I am pointing the camera at them. I’ll put it down, they’ll look, and as soon as it’s up to my eye again, they are very interested in over-there or that-spot-on-the-floor. Basically anywhere but at me. It proves quite difficult – all of my sounds don’t work on them anymore. They’re even getting hip to my backup sounds.

Today Paddington was all over the place for some reason, while Corduroy was chill as usual so I decided she was my girl for this job. She was very good even though I didn’t use treats! Although it took many, many shots before I had some of her actually looking at me.

I will announce what this project is in September, but for now here is some behind the scenes info about these photos.

About a millisecond after I shot this, Corduroy jumped out of the backpack and took a flying leap to chase a squirrel. Thomas and I both held our breath as she soared through the air to the ground. Fortunately she landed on her feet and was ok. She also was able to secure the permitter from the squirrel invasion.
Dog photo: a cute Maltese/ShihTzu dog sits in a backpack worn by a young man

Didn’t pose this one, just sat in the hot hot sun and waited for her to come over.
Dog photo: a cute Maltese/ShihTzu dog sits beside an apple

I was playing around a bit – Corduroy wasn’t as impressed as I was…
Dog photo: a cute Maltese/ShihTzu dog lays on a couch photographed through glasses

Meanwhile, Paddington decided it would be a good idea to roll in something gross and smelly in the grass.
Dog photo: a cute Maltese/Yorkie dog prepares to roll in the grass

She LOVES rolling in smelly grossness. Icky for me, heaven for her.
Dog photo: a cute Maltese/Yorkie dog prepares to roll in the grass

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to give a certain dog a bath…

Have a wonderful day,

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