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Macy Loves her Pretty-in-Pink iBall

If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for dogs. And by soft spot, I mean obsession. I’ve always loved dogs and I get really excited when someone tells me they are adding a four legged furry family member to their circle.

I first met with Alexandra and Mike in the Spring about shooting their July 2011 wedding (they are prepared and I love it!). Even then they were gushing about how they’d love to have a dog and of course, I was very encouraging in this idea.

A few months ago Alexandra emailed me to tell me that they had found their dog – an adorable lab mix puppy who they named Macy.
I was able to meet Macy last week and brought her a few presents, one of which was a pink fuzzy iBall from Bark & Fitz. Macy loved her iBall – so much so that she played with it for a good 20 minutes. For anyone who has had puppies, you know that this is a long time!

Macy is such a sweet dog and although Mike and Alexandra have some sleep-deprived nights ahead with her, I know it will all be worth it. She is a beautiful pup and she’ll be such a wonderful companion for life.

And here she is; meet Macy!

Dog photo: a white lab puppy looking at the camera with a cute stare

Dog Photos: two photos of a white lab puppy playing with a pink fuzzy ball

Dog Photos: Three photos of a cute lab puppy playing with a pink fuzzy ball

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