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The Bravest Person I Know

Where do I begin? I’ve started writing this post twice now and each time it doesn’t seem right, doesn’t do her justice.

When she was 17, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She was a flute player enrolled in a music high school and was looking ahead to a possible career in music. Her diagnosis changed everything, flipped her life upside down and backwards.

And yet she handled it with a wisdom beyond her years. I know I would not have. She pushed forward and got into one of the best universities in Canada, all while dealing with the pain that fibromyalgia brings. Now she has started a blog – a daily account of the good, and the bad, that comes with this illness. I know her words will help others more than she ever knows, and she’s helped me to understand what she is going through much more than before.

That is why she will always be a better person than I – sharing her personal battles with her illness.
And she will will forever be the bravest person I know.

The bravest person I know is my sister, Jane. The other part of elizabeth&jane photography.

Jane Lifestyle Portraits

A few weeks ago, Jane and I dragged a white chair from my bedroom out to a field near our house and took some awesome photos. Jane needed a picture for an article she wrote online about her Fibromyalgia and we had been wanting to do a shoot for some time so the timing was good.

Once we dragged the chair into the field, I had to run back the the house to get my equipment and Jane sat with, or rather on, the chair to wait for me. A lady walking her dog came by and gave Jane the strangest look – but I bet it would be funny, she was just sitting in the middle of a field in a chair, somewhat randomly and seemingly for no reason. I probably would have stared too… haha.

It was one of the hottest, muggiest, days, but we got some great shots and stayed hydrated by drinking some really disgusting flavoured Gatorade (must have picked a random odd flavour because I usually like Gatorade).

Thomas wasn’t too pleased to see a blackish mark on the couch when we returned it to the bedroom – oops!

Jane likes standing on chairs in fields.
Jane Lifestyle Portraits

Jane Lifestyle Portraits

Jane Lifestyle Portraits

Jane Lifestyle Portraits

Jane Lifestyle Portraits

Jane has some pretty awesome glasses
Jane Lifestyle Portraits

Jane Lifestyle Portraits

Some yummy sun
Jane Lifestyle Portraits

Who is the bravest person you know?

Have a wonderful day,

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