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Doing What You Know ~ My Adventures Through the Blogosphere

A lot of photographers who give out advice talk about doing what you know. This is definitely good advice and something I know very well is blogging.

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I am no stranger to blogging. I was one of the first to jump on the online journal bandwagon and have had a slew of blogs over the years. I started out with a free Blogspot Blog which I kept for over four years. I then graduated to a free WordPress Blog. That one didn’t last very long, under a year.

Thomas and I traveled Europe in the summer of 2005. We backpacked around six different countries and had a great time. To keep our families and friends at home updated, we kept a travel blog. It included accounts of our travels as well as photos. It’s actually quite a funny read if you have some time to kill – we had some adventures there for sure. One day I will put it all into a book for us, all these words about our trip.

In 2008, I made the leap from personal blogging, to dog blogging and launched the Ottawa Dog Blog. It was right after we had just had to put our dog, Paddington, through knee surgery for a genetic defect that lead me to realize that she came from a puppy mill. This shocking truth created a deep need to give back and start a place where people could go to learn about other places to find dogs other than puppy mills. I was (and still am) also quite obsessed with everything dog related and Thomas was getting sick of me telling him all these dog facts so it also became an outlet to connect with like-minded dog lovers. The blog has been going strong for two years now and I have been very lucky and blessed to have met so many people through it.

2009 marked the launch of this very blog; a photo blog to share my images and my passion for this industry. Simply put, I love taking photographs and I touched on that a while back. It is not only a place to come to see my latest work, but I want it to be a place where you can get to know me a little bit better too.

I do love writing, as much as I thought I didn’t. I don’t like writing what other people tell me to (as in Essays in my school days – ugh) but I love writing what’s on my mind. And I’ll tell you, there usually is quite a bit on my mind. In fact, right now I have three blog posts on the go and several more floating around in my head. I could never meditate, ever. I can’t clear my mind – the notion even scares me a little. And while I try my best to do yoga and be “zen”, I’ll never make it and do as well as some friends of mine. But that’s just who I am: a bit of a spaz with a lot on my mind, and a camera in my hand!

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