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What I am Listening to…to write things and concentrate

I grew up with a musician. My mother is a wonderful piano player and studied music all her life. She taught music to children growing up and then became a music teacher in middle school. I was always surrounded by beautiful piano music every day and was very lucky for it. It relaxes and calms me and helps me to focus.

So now fast forward to today when I no longer live in the same house as a piano, I relax by listening to musicians who play the piano. My favourite artist to write to is Yiruma. I discovered him through YouTube and I don’t remember how, but I know it was this video that I stumbled upon and fell in love with his genius.

After replaying this song over and over on YouTube I knew I had to have his albums so I downloaded quite a few of his albums and they are quite often the songs I listen to when I write or if I need to concentrate. I have written before about how much I love a good tune to groove to, but when I need to form words I need songs without them or I end up writing out the words from the song into whatever I am attempting to write. Not very good when you’re trying to sound professional but instead write something about “getting down like the economy” (listen for it – you’ll hear it and laugh a lot!).

I am currently listening to Yiruma to write this very post and I hope you enjoy his music as well!

Have a wonderful day,

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