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Earth Hour 2010

I am ashamed to admit that we actually forgot about Earth Hour the past two years. Each year we had every intention of participating, and every year we forgot. oops. This year Thomas and I vowed that we would remember, so we made plans – we set an alarm to remind us and got all of our candles ready. This is sort of funny because we are not candle people, so “all of our candles” really means two. That’s all Thomas could find in our entire house (minus some small little decorative ones that would have lasted all of 2 minutes burning.)

So we were set. As 8:30 crept closer I stopped working on my sample books (more on those later!!) and we shut everything electronic down. We’d had a late lunch so it seemed like a good idea to wait to eat dinner by candlelight – which we did!

Earth Hour Dinner

It was a tad dark seeing as we only had the two candles, but we made do. I had a very yummy cucumber sandwich and Thomas had some humus and pita with some cucumbers. It was nice to shut down everything and eat in the dark!

Did you participate in Earth Hour? What did you do?

Have a wonderful evening,

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