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The Photographer Behind the Lens ~ New Section

I have decided that I want to use this blog for you to get to know me a little better. I’ll still be posting lots of photos as well as tips for brides and other items of the sort, but I want you to get to know me, the photographer behind the lens, hence the name!

For the first installment of The Photographer Behind the Lens, I want to tell you about my journey into finding photography, and also about my deep passion and love for it.

Photo Shoots in my Parent's Basement

Growing up my father always had his Nikon F-mount Manual camera with him. He taught me to use it from quite a young age and I caught the bug. I would hold photo shoots in my parent’s basement where friends would come over and we’d get all dressed up in outrageous fashions to take photos. I entered into a few photography contests and even won an honourable mention at a few.

Darkroom Days

In university I decided to take some photography courses to supplement my Interactive Multimedia degree. We shot black and white film and learned to develop it in the darkroom. I still remember developing my first ever photo and seeing it come to life on the paper below. It was surreal and exciting. I quickly became addicted to shooting pictures of the neighbourhood children and spending hours and hours in the darkroom. I loved it and loved my images…but my teachers did not. I took photos of kids being kids and yet my professors wanted me to take pictures of kids crying. That wasn’t what I was about and being passionate about my work, I stuck to my vision and ended the course with a C. I decided that my love for photography had nothing to do with what that particular person thought, and had everything to do with how I felt while capturing that moment.

Self Portrait Mosaic 2005

After my year in the darkroom, I emerged into brighter rooms and pursued digital photography. Once again I fell in love with the process, and this time the process involved a digital darkroom; my computer. The love affair of digital photography had begun.

I bought my first digital camera during a boxing week event many many years ago. It was a whopping 2.1 megapixels and was almost $500!! We’ve come such a long way since then with the same sized camera packing 12 megapixels and is under $400.

My first digital SLR came into my life about 4 years ago. I saved and saved my pennies and invested in a beautiful Nikon D80. It was a dream and I loved every moment of using it. I still have it as my backup camera that I take to every shoot, just in case. Now I shoot with a Nikon D300 and am eyeing the stunning D700.

I see photographs everywhere. I am constantly taking pictures in my head, remembering locations and places that will be stunning with the right person in it. I love the challenge of taking a location that, on the surface may seem boring, but underneath holds so many different and interesting places and shots waiting to be taken. I get a rush of excitement every time I pick up my camera.

I don’t take pictures because I like photos, I take pictures because I love to, because I want to preserve moments and help people keep those memories with them. My camera is an extension of myself, it allows me to pour my creativity into something fantastical.

A perfect shot is when the finite moment becomes infinite. That moment is captured and preserved and when you look at it, you remember all sorts of things about that day and where you were in your life.

Baby's First Swing

I am so lucky because with this job I get to be with people when they are experiencing utmost joy; their wedding day, a new baby, the love of their family, their pet‘s undying adoration and so much more. I am honoured to be asked to share in these intimate moments and it is what I shoot for. 😉

Have a wonderful day,

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