Stuff I love: Shoes

When I was gathering up my favourite shoes for this photo I counted over 40 pairs! Eek! I have a crazy love affair with shoes. I especially adore ballet flats, I fall down in heels.

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: Thomas

Thomas is my best friend, my husband and just plain ol’ awesome. He is the reason for everything that is good in my life. And he’s cringing at how sappy this is.

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: Dogs

It’s no secret that I love dogs. I’m crazy about them - seriously. I run the Ottawa Dog Blog and seek out other crazy dog people. My own dogs — Wellington, Corduroy and Paddington — are waggy-tailed, fluffy-balls of cuteness.

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: Candy

Candy and I are great friends. I have the biggest possible sweet tooth in the world and I admittedly eat way too much candy - but I just love it!

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: Grocery Shopping

My absolute favourite thing to do on Friday nights is go grocery shopping. We lead a very exciting life I tell you! My favourite things in the fridge are: kale, tomato juice, pickles and olives; not necessarily in that order.

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: Jane

People always ask me who the “Jane” is in elizabeth&jane. Well here she is! Jane is my super awesome sister who works hard behind the scenes!

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: All things geeky

I am proud to be a big geek with my favourite things revolving around Star Wars, Doctor Who and Star Trek – among many other awesomely nerdy things.

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: Laughing

Most of my favourite movies and shows are funny ones. I love to laugh and be around people who make me giggle. I also like to make others laugh, but sometimes wonder if I may not be as funny as I think I am… haha.

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: Books

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved getting lost in the stories inside books. I’m the first to admit I get totally emotionally wrapped up in them – and cheesy romance novels are my favourite.

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~ Liz

Stuff I love: DVDs

Nothing makes me happier than curling up on the couch with a good show or movie. I’m a homebody and just love watching other people do stuff while I chill. These are a couple of my favourite shows and movies…just a taste. “That’s what she said!” - The Office.

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~ Liz